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About Us


Welcome to Charleston Beach Bungalow, where we provide hassle-free beach tent setup services to make your beach day a breeze.


Picture this: you step onto the sandy shores, and before you know it, your dream beach setup magically appears, courtesy of our incredible team of three beach enthusiasts. We're a group of college kids born and raised in Charleston and we're here to make your beach experience nothing short of fantastic. 

At Charleston Beach Bungalow, we've cracked the code to a stress-free day at the beach. We offer an array of beach tent setups that cater to all your beach needs. Want a cozy love nest for you and your sweetheart? We've got it covered! Need a spacious setup for the whole family, complete with room for the in-laws? No problem!

Our team is all about going above and beyond to ensure you have the best time ever. We take customer service to another level, tailoring each setup to meet your specific desires. We don't just use any old materials—we only work with top-notch stuff to ensure your comfort and safety. But wait, there's more! We're not just about beach tent setups; we're a one-stop shop for beach fun! 

Not only do we have the perfect beach tents and chairs for you to lounge in style, but we also offer a wide range of awesome beach accessories for rent. Need a cooler to keep those drinks refreshingly cold? We've got your back. Looking to add some excitement to your day? We've got beach games that'll have you laughing and competing until the sun sets. Whatever you need to create unforgettable memories at the beach, we've got it right here at Charleston Beach Bungalow. 

So, whether you're a local looking for an upgrade to your beach routine or a visitor seeking an unforgettable beach adventure, trust us to make it happen. Charleston Beach Bungalow—your ticket to beachy bliss and endless fun! Let's make this beach season your best one yet.

Currently servicing the Isle of Palms!

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